Photo Friday: White Mountains, NH, USA

And another Photo Friday with some images I just took last weekend. My parents are visiting us in the US and so we went on a day trip to the White Mountains in New Hampshire. This is my favorite hiking area in New England. But this time we focused more on long-exposure-time photography.

My parents brought a new gray filter for their camera and asked me for some advice on how to use it in the field. I knew some nice rivers and waterfalls in the White Mountains and so we went there for a day and worked on some images.

I drive up to NH about 5 times each year. If you live in the region here and like the outdoors you should give it a try. I guess, if you live here and like the outdoors you already did.

Here are the images I have selected for today:

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: White Mountains, NH, USA

  1. As usual, your photos are excellent. If I may, I’d like to make a request. Please consider posting the gear & settings used for each pic.
    i.e., camera a, lens b mm at c zoom, d aperture, filter e, shutter f (or g seconds on bulb), any other adaptions like iso settings.

    What would also be very cool would be 2 photos — 1 you like a great deal (& why), and 1 that’s the same frame/shot but with one or two of the variables changed, and why you like that photo less.

    just one amateur photographer’s request

    thanks, Jeff

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    • Great ideas. I am notoriously bad with taking notes and probably won’t remember the settings and setup from trips long time ago. But I will definitely do this from time to time and I especially like the second idea on the comparison. Thanks, Jeff!


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