Photo Friday: Acadia National Park, Maine, USA

It’s photo Friday again.  This time I will share some very recent pictures which I took during the last weekend.  Nadja and I decided to do a trip to the Acadia National Park in Maine for some hiking.

I was in Acadia the last time exactly 4 years ago, shortly before I moved to the US.  Last time, we went up there to convince ourselves that this move was a good idea.  And we indeed followed through with this short after.  This time, we came back as regular travelers.  And to enjoy the great hikes and all other things Acadia offers.

It might not be the biggest or most impressive of the National Parks.  But they allow our furry friend Marla on the trails.  And it is a special place to us which we can reach in a nice 5-hour drive.

Here are the images I have selected for today:

Photo Friday: Norway

It’s photo Friday.  And that means that it is time for another set of pictures I took in the past.  Today I will share some images from Norway.

I went to Norway twice.  The first time I was still in school and traveled across Norway for 6 weeks on my bicycle.  Yes, this is correct.  I was driving 2,500 miles (about 4,000 km) on my bicycle through those mountains.  This is as crazy as it sounds.  But on the upside: this was the first big trip with Nadja who I married later.  If you survive a trip like that when you are 15 years old, there is nothing you cannot survive as a couple later in life.

We went to Norway again 6 years ago, which was about 20 years after our first trip.  This time we drove a car and visited some of the places we have been to before – and many more.  This country is so beautiful.  We will be back, probably in 20 years to keep the pattern.

Here are the images I have selected for today:

Photo Friday: Newfoundland

It’s photo Friday.  I often will publish some of the images I took in the past years on Fridays.

Today I have some pictures which I took in 2016 in Newfoundland, Canada.  My wife Nadja and I visited both national parks: Gros Morne and Terra Nova.  We also visited the Bonavista peninsula and the northern tip around L’Anse Aux Meadows.

By the way, the image I currently use for the home page is the lighthouse of Bonavista which you can also see below.  I had a great email exchange with a reader earlier this week who identified the location right away. Impressive if you ask me.

Anyway, here are the images I have selected for today:

The one of the dark sea in the top left corner is one of my current favorites.  I just like the structure of the stones and how the colors came together.

And here is a small map of Newfoundland highlighting the areas we have visited: